About Us

Urban Magix is an urban streetwear brand that embraces culture. The company was founded in 2016 by C.E.O Antoine Green in Alabama and has been around for six years. As a talented graphic designer and photographer, I started this journey by creating designs, producing them on T-shirts, and hosting photoshoots. After graduating from college, I furthered my education with The New School Parson streetwear essentials program and now we specialize in suppling apparel to the community. The journey of this company has been amazing. We have had many great opportunities working with so many great individuals along the way which has allowed us to branch into different businesses of our brand like fashion, entertainment, and consulting.

What is Magix? Magix is a nickname giving to me by my people because I display a strong passion for greatness and success. It has the same definition as Magic but instead I replaced the “C” with an “X” to give it a twist. I know…I know do not ask why. It was something I chose to do at the beginning. There are no rules to branding. We value peace, positivity, and elevation.

The first production run of our first drop was a wonderful experience. In 2016 we produced simple shirts with the Urban Magix brand name printed on them. After giving a couple away to friends, others began to ask for t-shirts and the rest was history. We received so many requests in the beginning that we had to find solutions for supply and demand.

Now our brand has grown tremendously and will grow even more. Most of our suppliers we work with are located overseas. We supply streetwear clothing of all kind for both women and men. As a proud founder, my mission is to continue to designing apparel for the community.

Help us save to the earth. Did you know the clothing industry was next on the list for global issues? 5.2% of waste in our landfills are textiles and only 15% of our clothing are recycled or donated. How can you help? Send in your unwanted clothing to be recycled to organizations and people in need. You can also help when you make a purchase from us. 5% percent of the profits goes towards new clothing for the needy.