About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best entertainment, promotional services, and products so artist can gain expose and grow their music career by giving us the opportunity create original content that keep our fans happy.

Our Story

We’re a business based in Alabama. We decided to put this platform to together because a lot of small businesses lack the expose it really deserves. The Palace was created from our graphic design consultant services before we got involved into party and music promotions. After working in this industry for 2+ years we realized that many models and artists lack exposure and creative content. We are here to resolve your problems.

Marketing Services

Our marketing services are listed up top. We focus on providing the best work for our customers. We accept cash, PayPal, or cash for our marketing services. Works starts immediately after payment. The turn around time for projects is about 1-3 days. If you don’t like your work, we offer 3 free redoes. Afterwards we will charge $5 per redo.