Windbreaker Jacket Giveaway

Whats up yall. I'm back. I'm still doing the giveaway. What am I giving away? I'm giving away 3M Reflective Windbreaker Jackets. These jackets can be worn all through out the year. Its good for cool mornings, rainy days, or even works. At night you been seen a mile away when the lights hit you. Do your thang....mix it with your own drip. Meanwhile, everything will be going down Friday 17th, 2020. I will be giving away two windbreaker jackets to show love to my people. Its not to late to join in. Last day to enter Wed, January 15th. To keep things fair i will enter everyone name inside of a database and the two names will be selected by the computer. By the way If you interested in modeling. Hit me up. Enter Here.