What You Should Know About Our New Women's Limited Ed. Jumpsuit of Fall 2021

We know that you all have been waiting to see what’s all the hype about. We know many women love jumpsuits due to our previous release of our spring rompers. Now that it’s fall season, we decided to roll out limited edition jumpsuits. On a given day with todays fashion trends we learned that they are common. It was a fun experience reviewing this product while preparing for this release. There were many pros while reviewing this jumpsuit.

They are perfectly comfortable and breathable. Any women who wear jumpsuits know that if they are not made of the correct materials, it will not fit right and it will be uncomfortable. Our jumpsuits were designed with 100% Polyester which allows it to conserve the tight fit you are looking for. However, if it’s washed with warm water, it will lose its shape. It must be washed by low alkaline soap or neutral soap.

 The 3M Reflective print was a fun feature that makes this jumpsuit pops at night allowing others to see you at far distances when light reflects off it.

Our jumpsuit is designed with a front zipper. Many jumpsuits are designed with the zipper made on the back of the garment making it difficult to zip up.

 The size chart starts with an adult “Small” and ranges up to a size 2XL. The model wearing this outfit is wearing a size medium allowing her to have a comfortable fit without being overfly tight. Jumpsuits will release in the navy green color. Colors brown and burgundy is only available if you pre-order them before the release date of September 22, 2021.

These jumpsuits are great during year-round occasion like nightclubs, dinners, or party. Once again, these outfits are set to release September 22, 2021. Don’t miss out.