What makes you impatient?


Many of us have dreams we want to accomplish. Some of us are not sure where to start but we know what we want to do. Its so crazy how most people get caught up in the value of the dollar and miss the big picture. Many of us didn't ask to be here which sucks because everyday we wake up to the government controlling us. The United States is known as the country of struggle and we all have a family and friends we love and support. The problem is that the unexpected life events gets in the way financially. We watch others succeed every day while we're sitting back like man I got to do what he doing to succeed too. Life is what makes most of us impatient. We need cash to do almost everything on this earth. Most of us will feel trapped because we can't plan our next move without it. Making money is not easy as it seems. But today I will give you advice that will stick with you forever. Focus on solving problems for people. Cash will come to you. Its like being rewarded for a good deed. So be patient.