What Happened Behind The Scenes Of This New Coat

     Hello everyone. I hope your ok. I know most of the time I play around with you all when creating some of my projects, but this time I’m running this campaign to help with real economic issues. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I imaged myself in the shoes of other people’s problems and realize that I was very blessed. I am very thankful for the role I been placed into. So, we decided to donate the proceedings from this campaign to the United Way organization to help with health issues, funding of schools, and low-income families. My last big project is now my most favorite project in the history of this brand…The plug bubble coat. If you all do not know anything else about me, one thing you should know is that I love jackets and coats during the fall and winter season. Last year I released wind breaks but this year, I took it a step further with winter coat.

     I did not know how I wanted the coat to look before designing it, I just know I had to have a winter coat. So, I played around with a few ideas and looked over my artwork only to come up with nothing. Sometimes it takes me to get out into the world and paying attention to the trends to get ideas. Afterwards, I then put my twist on it. It Sounds easy right, but things get kind of frustrating when dealing with manufactures.

     The process of this jacket is broken down into 3 categories of production, the shell fabric, inside fabric and padded cotton fabric. The shell fabric is the shiny metallic looking fabric on the outside of the jacket, which is exceptionally durable fabric I can say, and it is also waterproof. Before finalizing the inside fabric layer, we had to focus on the padded cotton process. When doing so, I thought about those who live up north. It gets extremely cold compared to the weather down south. So, I enhance my coat to really make people feel warm wherever they are. Overall, I was very satisfied with the sample I received from the manufacture.

     This coat has a couple features that I really love. For starters it is design to be unisex. My favorite of all is the 3D P.L.U.G Patch on both sleeves of the coat. If you have been keeping up with us, you should know we are people living under a diverse generation. We are about empowering and supporting one another. The coat also has two front zipper pockets just in case you want to store some things or keep your hands snug. The coat is also equipped with both full zipper and snap on buttons. The sleeves are cuffed to reduce the breeze from traveling up the sleeve of the coat. Compared to many other bubble coats they are design with loose cuffs that sometimes leave you freezing.

     I was so passionate about the design process of the coat that the cost of production became expensive. This coat is one of our most expensive products in our store. Since many loves this coat, we’re now open for pre-orders. If you are interested, we suggest that you take action now. We will only be producing a 100 of these coats. Pre-Order will be open until Oct 23. Coats will start shipping out December 1st. View Coat