We're Walking In Greatness!!

We're Walking In Greatness!!

Thank you for taking the time out to visit our webpage! We know you been wondering what’s been going on?

For a while I know you been anticipating as we released some of our previous apparel. We're very grateful to uphold such a loving community. Thank you all, for your support with our brand and recently released 3D Puff Hoodies. The “Addicted” campaign did extremely well.

We're now introducing Urban Magix into NFT, AI, and AR technology. Soon we will be releasing apparel designs and you will notice more unique and meaningful arts

Since introducing our brand into AR technology, I’m glad to announce Project AR is in the works and will be released April 14th. You will be able to interact with Augmented Reality using your mobile device such your phones and tablet to see our graphic art in your space person hand.

Next, is our new accessories category. You know we had to bring the sauce! Glasses, hats, and masks are now available. Please also stay tune for our second new variations of our new glasses releasing next week.

We are grateful to be able to scale our P.L.U.G movement in Minneapolis, MN. This movement will be supporting those who have been incarcerated or homeless by help them reset in society by providing shelter and supplies. Urban Magix will be arriving in September to give a special speech.

We're extremely thankful to be founders and designers of Urban Magix Streetwear. If you want to keep up with us, subscribe to our email on our home page. Please visit UrbanMagix.com. Thank you again for visiting our site today. We love you all. Take care.

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