We've Introduced Our Streetwear Brand Into AR Tech

Being a designer is about more than just creating aesthetically pleasing visuals. It means having an understanding of how people interact with the world around them, and using creative problem solving skills to create solutions that improve their lives. Designers have a unique ability to look at the world differently and approach challenges from a different perspective. By understanding user needs and creating an experience that meets those needs, designers can help people interact with products, services, and the environment around them in a meaningful way.

Augmented reality (AR) is the blending of the physical and virtual world. AR technology allows for a user to experience the real world with additional layers of digital information. This could include anything from seeing a 3D model of a building or product floating over a physical space, to having augmented directional or informational overlays appear on your favourite shopping street. The possibilities are endless, and by using technology to augment reality, we can expand the user’s experience, bringing their environment to life.


How to Activate Project AR

  1. Open Your Phone Camera and Scan QR Code
  2. Download the Adobe App
  3. Follow the phone instructions
  4. Enjoy!

    Attention: The Adobe App works bets with Apple iPhones & Tablets but you can still View Artwork on Android Devices