Urban Magix's Collection Sneak Peak at the Beginning Stages

Hello world. In this video you will see the fun part of the clothing productions phases…Design art. I’ve been and artist for my entire life and many of my artworks and creation disappeared and ended up in trash cans over the years before I can really understand my calling. I’m inspired to use this skill to give the world some fly clothes. Aren’t you tired of buying the same styles and design everyone has? Well, you’re in the right place. Check out the sneak peak of a design for a future collection ahead. Subscribe to our newsletter for lastest brand news and limited runs. The collection art in this video does not have a release date yet. We’re in the first step of the production phases. What would fashion be without designers. Hope you enjoy.

Also, our spring collection 2022 collection is into production. It is set to release March 12-13 in Birmingham, AL at the River Chase Galleria Mall @10:00 pm. We will be releasing and displaying our merchandise. If you are not able to catch us, you can place your order online. Thank you all for your support.