Urban Magix Reborn – 3 Secrets to Maintain Your Mental Health

Urban Magix Reborn – 3 Secrets to Maintain Your Mental Health

My, name is Antoine, and I going to tell you how I began to grow my mental strength. Many are not aware of the power of the mind. This important to me because your mind can steer your life. I’m the founder of Urban Magix apparel line and my story is kind of similar with the rest when we talk about the struggle. Once, I understood that your life is just a decision away I began to grow as person. I’m not saying this to brag like I have my entire life together, but I’m saying this because many of us have opportunities in front of us that is not being taking advantage of. You must wake up now time waits on nobody! I believe that anyone can become whatever they chose if their mentally state is very strong. To strengthen your mental state, you should consider reading, exercising, and meditating.

I’m a guy that stands on being productive and using time wisely. It is now 2022 and sad to say, people are becoming lazier. Many of us dealt with our problems in our life for so long that we just wished we just had the answer to solve them. But if I told you everything you wanted to know is in a book, would you read it. If yes, why can’t you do the same for answers to the questions to your dreams. Reading builds competence to become more conscious about your surroundings. Reading strengthens the mind but, you must be mindful of what you read. It could be a waste of your precious time. Remember time is your asset. You will never get it back. Aim for books that relate to your passion or those that can reconstruct you as a person. You could never go wrong with those books. I love to read books that can change my way of thinking. It’s the very reason why my apparel line exists today. Here is an example, Jonn is 30 years old. He dreamed of starting his own BBQ restaurant but, He spent majority of his time playing video games and sleeping. He thought it would mysteriously happen for him one day not really knowing how. He didn’t know much about business nor where to start. After time went by, he grew old full of regret and jealously because he never informed himself. Be mindful about your time and what you read. Although reading is very important to build your mental state, another secret on my list is exercising.

I can’t express how important exercising is. I have been athletic for my entire life. Not only does excising make your body look good but, it also improves your brain’s mental state and even makes you feel better. Exercising for at least 20 minutes could help deal with frustration and stress. This helps me out the most on rough days. Sometimes I exercise because it helps me operating very well mentally. Did you know it could also improve your attention span? Also, adults it’s very important that we learn to focus on things that frustrate us. There are all kinds of this that frustrate me because I human. However, exercising allowed me to keep a clear the mind to manage all of the negative energies we channel in life. According to NCBI.gov, Exercise for Mental Health, exercising helps with numerous health problems. For more information visit NCBI site. You cannot go wrong with meditation you guys. Now that we know how important exercise is, let move to my final biggest secret to mental health.

My final secret to mental health is the use of Meditation. I been using this technique almost 3 times out of the week. This is my favorite because it also me to channel out everything around me to focus on myself. It allows me to empty my mind and heal myself mental. I’ve been on this earth for 27 years. Life is like a rollercoaster, sometimes it can be rough. Meditation does a great job at helping me manage my thinking and emotions. Meditation is a mind body complementary medicine to produce and eliminate the jumbled thoughts. This technique along if you use it right. If you would like to give a try one day, search YouTube for a free session and just follow along. This strategy will save you in so many challenging situations. Remember you must have a clear mind to make smart decisions. NCCIH discovered in Meditation: In Depth that its proven to multiple conditions like pain, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Well, there you have it, my 3 secrets to improving your mental health. There are many other many strategies out there that was not mentioned here today. My advice is to use what works best for you. If you made it to the end of this blog it’s obvious that you take your mental health seriously. Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment your opinions down below.



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