The New Streetwear Brand Urban Magix Popping at the Up River Chase Galleria

The New Streetwear Brand Urban Magix Popping at the Up River Chase Galleria

If you are living in the Birmingham area you wouldn't want to miss this moment. The Urban Magix Streetwear brand will be popping up March 12-13th in Birmingham, AL, Riverchase Galleria mall.

The branded is inspired by the appreciation of art  and god given gift to express ourselves through fashion. Their known producing men and women clothing. It will be the first time that is streetwear brand pop up in at the Riverchase Galleria Mall.

Urban Magix was found at the Alabama State University by Antoine Green who spoke about how the brand came about while trying to better himself. It's motivation moment. Mr. Green has been able to draw and design since he was young. "Magic is the feel of success", he said. I have a god given gift of creativity. He mentioned, "I've been an artist all my life, but my life change when I attended Alabama State University and Complex Streetwear Essentials. They really sharpen my skills and I am very thankful for that. Make fashion because I like to wear what everyone don't have. Our clothes are very limited. Designing fashion feels pretty cool. I never though I would be a designer of the fashion industry."

Their brand seems to fit in well with other sports and streetwear brand like 

The clothing brand will be releasing some of their new apparel Spring 2022 Saturday March 12-13th. T-shirts, Track Suits, and Top and Bottom Sets will be available. You will also be able to register for the next collection to come.

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