Feedback on our new custom designed masks.

s evensSo a couple weeks passed now and we're now sitting here with samples of the first batch of face masks. I've reached out to Saquia Evens a seamstress and artist from Detroit, Michigan to produce fully custom face masks recently. She's known here in the City of Montgomery for her work and her popular box bunnies. We connected to produce the very first samples of face mask for the brand to supply to help supply the community.  However, things did not go in our favor for this product but there’s room for improvement. We used Satin cotton fabric which came out to look very nice. It was a bit expensive but it was worth the quality. pic 2One thing that I loved the most, is that it was light weight and firm material that you could breath through. The first couple of masks was originally designed for adults faces but the measurements for them seem to be off little from what was planned. I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks that businesses are supplying mask but they are neglecting children masks. So the good news is that our masks is great for children around the ages 5+ or adults with smaller and medium size faces. Over all I think the masks came out to be OK.  For anyone of you who are looking for face mask for children please contact me. Mask are starting at $3 each.