Sha'Diamond Models Urban Magix's Newest Women's Release

Meet Sha’Diamond Mayfield, a 25 year old native of Birmingham, Al. You may know her as a former Miss Alabama State University or a former Stingette. ShaDiamond is currently the coach of Miles College Golden Stars Dance Team, Lieutenant in the Alabama National Guard and owner of her very own venture capitalist company, “The Diamond Dynasty LLC.” Sha’Diamond was more than excited to support the brand! During this shoot I learned some interesting things about her! In addition to Sha’Diamond’s Dynasty apparel and custom apparel she also launched a line of “self-ish” apparel! She expressed that “self-ish” is intended to serve as a reminder to always take care of yourself first. If you fail to take care of SELF first you will quickly lack the ability to take care of anyone else! Thank you @shadiamondkeahj for the support! Everyone please be sure to follow her Instagram for more content!