My Experience with Atlanta's Streetwear Clothing Market

Merry Christmas to all of you. Christmas is around the corner and i know many of you have a lot of gifts to wrap. If you are reading this then its probably obvious that you are really in love with streetwear fashion. My name is Antoine. I have been in the fashion world for years. I'm the founder and designer of Urban Magix's brand. I love to meet and connect with other small brands like I myself. If your ever looking for exclusive merchandise you should visits Atlanta's Streetwear Market event.  Many brands, photographers, and models came out. This year was a first. It was very amazing. The event allowed everyone to come together to enjoy the fashion world. I gravitated to Blessszn's clothing brand collection the most. It was very straight forward which. It mean you have to humble yourself in what ever you do to see the good it your life, a season of blessings.