Interview with Bongie The Yougn

Interview with Bongie The Yougn

Its been a minute since we interview our last guest. We love reaching out to people all over the world you know you never know who you may run into and I have ran into quite a few people since the beginning. I hope you all know your boy birthday is on the 24th of December. Since I have all this holiday spirit we're releasing a remake of the Christmas jingle "Jingle Bells" called "Ring Bells". This going to be another funny one to watch so don't miss it. So, today our special guest is Bongie Tha Yougn from San Diego, California. I discovered Bongie because the boy is always fly. You can notice him a mile away lol. After discovering him I happen to reach out to him to find out he was a rap artist. He seems to be doing well for him and his family. Bongie says he has been on his journey since 2008 as a hip hop and fashion artist. Bongie said in the next four years he plans on being the mainstream. Check his most recent project released back in October of this year. 



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