Founder's New Limited Edition Hoodie Design Is Expected To Go Crazy.

Founder's New Limited Edition Hoodie Design Is Expected To Go Crazy.

As a proud founder of this brand, I’m very excited about the end result of my latest design of our new quality hoodie. This hoodie was a statement to all creator, designers, etc. to enjoy the Art of fashion. This brand has been around for 6 years solely because of my passion to create.

This hoodie is so special to me because it is Urban Magix’s very first high fashion hoodie. What is high fashion? High fashion is the expensive luxury end of fashion intended for upper-class. However, the price point for this piece is not so bad.

This hoodie is made 100% cotton fleece which makes it very thick sitting around 380g GSM. That’s pretty thick. This is perfect for those living up north in the United States around the winter. The texture of the fabric has a suede feel and look.

Secondly, what makes this hoodie so unique from traditional hoodies is that the text design is 3D Puff Print which looks like it is rising away from the garment.

This sweatshirt does have draw strings, hood, and front pouch pockets like the rest of the others. We used high quality draw strings because normally cheaper strings split and disintegrate. Our string is produced with caps on the tips.

With this being one of the first high fashion designs the cost of product was able to be at a reasonable margin. See more

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