Founder Discuss The the Message of the Urban Magix Brand & The Signature Plug Design

Sitting back in the school of business at the most known HBCU of the south… Alabama State University, I always knew that I wanted to own and manage something positive to the people. In 2013, I was going through life changing experiences that created this powerful drive in my heart to achieve anything I wanted using little to nothing. I founded this brand “Urban Magix” during my sophomore years in college back in 2016.

Urban Magix means to make something out of nothing using the new era resources. I have earned the nickname Magix simply because I was the guy that made things happen. When I succeeded on goals, I would then relate my success to the magic of a magician. You must realize industries that began decades ago has changed tremendously. Our school systems taught us the basics of a variety of subjects from elementary to college, but they neglect to teach students how to apply what they have learn into reality. After attending college for a while, I realized the whole time I was there they were teaching students how to work for a formal employer while digging a giant hole of financial debt but, what about those who cant find work and need to take care of their love ones or what ever the case may be. I was able to gain more knowledge from Google and YouTube than I ever received in school.

My newest design “Plug” was created back 2019. Its about connecting, building, and empowering each other. When we stick together as a whole, we then create power. Use what you know best to help and support others around you whether its speech, art, computers, and so on. We should focus on learning and building within and inspire the younger generations to follow the footsteps. How do you start? Well…you simply take action. Do what you love and turn it into a career of your own which creates generational wealth.