Your Key to success on Valentine's Day

All of us know Valentine's day is quickly approaching. I just wanted to pitch out a few ideas to help you out.


Don't go outside in your backyard and pick no damn shrubs out the yard. Just go ahead and get them fresh ones from the store, guys especially if you trying to get booty.


Don't be camera shy cause you know she be ready to post  on Facebook and Instagram. 


Do some different, set up the candles up and smack her on the ass when she walk through the door. Buy some oils and give her a massage then you will be in the game.


Don't get fast food. Show her you can cook too, but dont burn the house down.

Set the mood

That trap music a no no, She not trying to hear  nun bout jumpin out the whip a 100 round. Play some like this to make her twerk dat ass.


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