Acorns is the New Wave of Investing

Acorns is the New Wave of Investing

Many of us wonder how we should invest our money to make our money work for us. Many think that investing in dead and the market has crashed due to the pandemic. They also believe that there isn’t real money in investing and believe they don’t have time to invest to invest or simply just don’t know how to invest. I carried some these same beliefs until I was introduced to Acorns. After 5 years of using their platform, it allows me to easily save and invest with me knowing. If you need an easy way of saving and investing, you should consider opening an account with Acorns to benefit from their round-ups, earn money, and referrals.

The most unique thing about this company is that they have a round-up system to help you save. This will help you save without really noticing. It’s like throwing your spare change into a piggy bank every time you swipe your debt or credit card. the system rounds your purchase a $1 up and throw the difference into savings. Another great thing is that if you opt-in Acorns automictically invest your saved money for you. Use Screen shot.

For Example, if you made a purchase for $8.57. This purchase will be rounded to $9. When you subtract $8.57 form $9, you are left with .43 cents. Once you made so many transactions and it reaches $5. They will draft $5 to you savings account. So, it’s ok if you don’t know much about stocks. They can do the hard work for you while you sit back and collect dividends in your account.

Acorns also has a system called, “earned money”. Can you imagine receiving cash back on things you were going to purchase anyways from your favorite brands? I know right it’s a beautiful thing like why miss out on free money. Acorns is partnered with over 300 brands and some of these brands you may already buy products and services from. They only thing you have do is shop. That sounds like music to my ears. You wouldn’t have to tell me twice

Acorns have many deals and promotions set for their partners. In my experience, it can take a while before transactions appear on your account for earned money but it’s never to late to receive money.

Thirdly, you can also make huge sums of money when you refer others to Acorns. They are always running different types of promotions regarding referrals because they want everyone on their platform. All you have do is get your friend to sign up. We all now how people are sometimes saying, “It’s a scam”. Weather they sign up or not it does not matter because the good news is Acorns will still benefit you and others will miss out on what they could have been a part of. Don’t let your friends discourage you because they won’t believe.

This company can benefit you in more ways than what I have mentioned here today. I wanted to cover the basics and not confuse you with so much information. However, if you want more information, you should visit Acorns website for more information. They do a great job on teaching its user about their platform. What are you waiting for? You are only a decision away. Visit Acorns now.

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