Have You Ever Stop To Wonder How Long The Corona-Virus Can Remain Active On Surfaces?

The last couple weeks have been raising issues about the corona virus that has been getting out of hand. Since the virus is claimed to be new, no one really knows much about it. In order to fight against this outbreak you must prepare for it by learning about it. After reading the article, “how long can the corona virus last on surfaces” (Saplakoglu, 2020) the results was quiet interesting.

If a person happens to cough or sneeze in a room the virus can live in the air alone up to about 3 hrs. It can last up to 24 hrs on cardboard which means that if you are receiving packages in the mail there’s a very low risk of being infected because it takes a couple of days to receive mail. The virus last longest on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hrs.

It would be a good ideal to clean thoroughly. Do not mix bleach and Ammonia or any other clean supplies. Remember to wash your hands often and wear protective gear.

In this event of the national emergency we’re currently using our clothing line to produce wearable items to defend against this virus. We're participating in this global pandemic issue because we love our community. This is the moment where we all need each other the most to do their part. Help stop the spread of the corona virus.


For more info about the corona virus (COVID-19)

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